Ahmed Alaa Eldin

With over 10 years of experience, interior designer Ahmed Alaa Eldin worked on numerous projects in Egypt and abroad. From construction, renovation to decor and interior design, he’s done it all. He is well-known for his imaginative, luxurious, and elegant designs.

He is a master of conceptual designs and has worked on various residential projects, commercial projects for shops, malls, and The General Command of the Naval Forces in Alexandria.

With a deep-rooted passion for arts, Ahmed Alaa Eldin graduated from The Faculty of Fine Arts with a major in Decor. He pursued his passion by starting his career as a Construction Project Manager before graduating.

With his vast experience, knowledge, and creativity, Ahmed Alaa Eldin decided to take his passion to a new level. He started his practice, Lavish Finish, aiming to reinvent and improve the concept of interior design in Egypt.